QFast Platform

QFast® is a detection and identification system of pathogenic agents. It has been designed as an integrated system “sample in – result out”.

QFast Platform® allows an easy, fast and reliable determination of the presence or absence of a variety of pathogens in a wide variety of samples.


Integrated solution for a wide variety of samples

QFast® Platform allows pathogen detection in food, veterinary, environmental (including primary production: feces, dust) and animal feed samples.

Instrumentation Pack

Depending on the number of samples we are offering different configurations of the instrumentation pack to run the QFast® method.

  • QFast-M: Users processing a moderate number of samples
  • QFast-L: For a moderate numer of samples with traceability
  • QFast-XL: Users with conventional incubators, processing a large number of samples with traceability

For more information, consult the QFast® Platform Brochure.

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